Today it’s an important day!
The force of the Paris Agreement has to be with us!

What can this man do?

As a teacher I will educate my students
They are our future! Therefore they have to have the right bricks of knowledge. If they do understand the forces of Mother Nature, they will make and take some right decisions.

As an author I will write the bricks of knowledge down in my textbooks
I can enhance the engagement of my first promise by writing that knowledge down in my own textbooks. I do have the unique opportunity to do this! So I can reach more students and I’m not restricted to the classes that I personally teach.

As CDO of Kontich Stroomt I will give advice to reduce energyconsumption
I’m the CDO ( chief dream officer ) of a group energy specialists. Together we advice people and compagnies to invest in energysystems.
Our main goal is to reduce energyconsumption.
A second goal is to produce more renewable energy

As a believer in OZG I will engage myself to plant trees in the Great Green Wall to capture CO2 on a long term
A very strong and very easy way to take action is planting trees in the Great Green Wall. A simple tree causes a chain reaction of benefits and 1 of them is… capturing CO2